Chris Harris Actually Gets Behind A 90’s Group C Racer & Drives Properly
We can not tell you how often Chris Harris irritates the “be-Jesus” out of us with his side-ways driving, self indulgent YouTube videos. It isn’t the fastest way to drive. Sure he has great car skills but its not taking the machine to the very edge of its performance. You see every time you go side ways or drift you either have to power off and therefore slow down, unless you are one of these super drifters like Ken Block. In his most recent series of videos Harris gets behind the wheel of a 1990’s Jaguar Group C endurance racer, this isn’t a history lesson but the Jag won everything in its path. But for once Harris actually drives the Jag properly on the Brands Hatch circuit in the UK. There may well be a reason for that the Group C Jag is up for auction this year so perhaps advisably he was probably under orders not to stretch the V12 powered, normally aspirated 700bhp monster. Harris was only allowed to complete 3 laps of thecircuit the rest of the video is a boring boys own nerdy chat that left us wanting to reach for a gun and shoot ourselves in the foot. Actually both feet.  Chris-Harris-Group-C-Jag
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