Porsche 911 Turbo Will No Longer Be Flagship Exclusive
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This year the Porsche 911 will under go yet another blink-and-miss-it face-lift, by the time autumn arrives the 991.2 will also be blessed with a new generation of turbo charged engines right across the the range. The naturally aspirated flat six will succumb to climate change lobbyists, EU paper pushers and a new generation of the hip and the guilty who drink freshly pressed orange juice, buy trade friendly coffee and travel exclusively on high C02 emitting private jets. To offset all this hypocrisy Porsche will be introducing a new era of turbo-charged engines for the 911 range. Yes the entire range, even the entry level Carrera models will jump ship to turbo power. We all know turbos offer insane, almost laughing gas inducing levels of power but turbos are now seen as more environmentally friendly emitting less C02 and actually increasing fuel efficiency. Porsche is said to be planning to reduce the Carrera’s flat six capacity from 3.4-litres too 2.9-litres. So you should get an entry level Porsche with 400bhp and 542Nm of torque. So what happens to the flagship and bonkers mad Porsche 911 Turbo? It could go either two ways. Twin Turbo Power or a continuation of single Turbo power with a focus on lighter weight components. But that’s mixing it with the GT3 right? and the latter uses naturally aspirated vibes. This really gets confusing, anyway Porsche will reveal more in due course.  Porsche-911-Turbos-2015
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