The Truth About Michael Schumacher
Formula One
On December 29 2013 Michael Schumacher was on his annual winter holiday with his family, he was skiing with his son Max descending an unsecured off-piste area in the Meribel region of the French Alps. Schumacher fell hit a cluster of rocks and sustained a head injury, despite wearing a helmet the 7 times F1 world champion suffered a severe head injury. He was airlifted to a nearby hospital where surgeons immediately operated on him and afterwards he was placed into a medically induced coma. A common practice for these type of head injuries. By March 7th 2014 Schumacher’s agents reported he was now in a stable condition, this didn’t stop media speculation growing about the true nature of Schumacher’s injury. Journalists require a constant source of news to feed their hunger for fresh stories and when there is nothing to report they literally make things up. There have been many stories about Schumacher he is currently wheel chair bound, virtually incapacitated and communicates by blinking is one of the many reports to have surfaced though there is no conclusive evidence to back this up. Because you and I are constantly looking for fresh reports we all tend to believe what is written because journalism is seen as a trusted profession. The latest story to do the rounds is an unverified report by Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera which claims that when ever Schumacher hears the voices of his children or wife tears roll down his face. This story has been picked up by nearly every news outlet though there is no real factual evidence behind it. The latest revelation was made by a friend of the Schumacher family, however Schumacher’s agent has subsequently denied the story. What we do know is Schumacher’s family and management team are the only real source of information and they have kept the details away from the media. And for good reason, privacy. What we do know is this, on April 4th 2014 Schumacher’s agent reported that he was showing “moments of consciousness” as he was gradually being withdrawn from a medically induced coma. Over the next month his family released a statement saying that Schumacher was showing “small encouraging signs”. By June 16th 2014 Schumacher had regained consciousness and left the Grenoble Hospital that oversaw his medical recovery and he left for further rehabilitation at a Swiss Hospital in Lausanne. On September 9th Schumacher left the rehabilitation unit for his Swiss home not far the Lausanne hospital. On December 29th 2014 Sabine Kehm, Schumacher’s trusted manager, reported he was making appropriate but steady progress and that he faces “a long and hard fight”. These last comments are perhaps the most insightful of everything that has been written so far because they are from the source and not the imagination. You don’t need to make anything up about Schumacher’s current physical and mental state, its obvious that a man who was publicly engaged through various charitable and sponsorship commitments is now no longer visible. Schumacher was never media shy its the nature of the beast for a global superstar turned corporate ambassador. The fact that Schumacher has not been seen or heard of since December 29th 2013 says everything we need to know about his current predicament. The truth is we really don’t know the actual state of Schumacher’s current condition and the truth is neither do speculative journalists out to fill empty column spaces.  Schumacher-The-Truth-2015
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