Why You Shouldn’t Mess With Bad Ass Russian Audi TT Owners
Video OK so this is the video doing the viral rounds on the net, the incident first occurred in Russia around 2013 and shows a group of activists trying to name and shame bad drivers and the woman behind the wheel of the Audi TT is in thier target. The female driver though is out for vengeance after the activists gather round her Audi TT and place a large sticker on the windscreen. Enraged the woman simply drives off at low speed with two of the activists sitting on the bonnet. When the TT comes to a halt not soon after the female driver goes berserk, gets out of the car and sets about attacking the group of activists like Jackie Chan facing down a horde of enemies with a tie. We just want to know why these activists weren’t arrested by Putin, public demonstration is against state rules as designated by the out of touch Billionaire President Vladimir.  Angry-Russian-Audi-TT-Driver
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