Apple Toy With Electric Vehicle Ambitions
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News is what it is but even we choked on our morning bowl of cereal when we heard Apple where interested in making an Electric Vehicle to challenge Tesla Motors. So what does an Apple branded EV mean, one thing is for sure it will be overpriced but supremely well designed and it will run on a 64 bit processor with 4 GB of internal RAM and will bend. Of course it wont. All of this should be taken with a pinch of salt but industry rumors suggest Apple are looking outside of their smartphone / consumer electronics focus. At the moment Apple is said to have put a few hundred people to work on the project which is being headed up by the company’s vice president of design, Steve Zadesky who was an engineer at Ford, once upon a time. Apple are using shuttle diplomacy key executives associated with the project have been flown to Austria to meet contract manufacturers, according to reports the project is code named Titan. The Cupertino based company is already treading into the automotive industry creating connected software for use by automakers such as the CarPlay Software system that combines iTunes and other suite of software for the auto industry. Apple are on record of saying that they were interested in building a car long before the iPhone was conceived by the late Steve Jobs. Elon Musk has also claimed Apple have been trying to poach key talent from Tesla offering $350k signing on bonus and a pay rise of 60 percent. Apple are not short of money, it lies on a pile of cash said to be in excess of $56 billion dollars. Whether the story has any merits is uncertain, Apple have a history of creating special projects only to abandon them when it can go no further.    Steve-Jobs-Thinking
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