Sebastian Vettel Toys Around in A Ferrari FXX K
Your name is Sebastian Vettel, you are a multiple F1 world champ, you have signed to drive for Ferrari and you have the greatest set of toys to try out. The ‘toys’ are Ferrari’s road going cars and at the top of the list is the 1,000 bhp FXX K. Vettel got behind the wheel of the FXX K as part of a photoshoot and put this lethal weapon to task around Ferrari’s private test track, Fiorano. The FXX K is a track only car developed to express Ferrari’s technical and engineering endeavors of the current time. Based on the standard La Ferrari the FXX K is designed to be the most extreme example of just how far the Scuderia can push current road going technology. For Vettel its a toy and if you want to get your hands on this toy then Ferrari will only invite a select and loyal customer base. B******s.  Ferrari-FXX-K
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