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New York City Self Driving Mode in A Tesla Model S Plaid

Driving in New York City is an idea most people do not contemplate. But if you own a Tesla, it just might make sense. Tesla is at the forefront of electric cars, no question about it. People often ask us, here at DCB HQ, what is the best electric car to buy? We say go for a Tesla, any Tesla because the company is far ahead of any other EV manufacturer. Tesla also has the best supercharging network, so you can go from one end of the country to the other (UK or USA) with no issues. If you own a Tesla range anxiety doesn’t exist.

And Tesla also has the best self-driving tech. There is an issue if self-driving technology is actually required. For manufacturers, such technology is another way of generating revenue. For the tech geek, it’s another, some say, revolutionary technology to have bragging rights about.

Anyway, YouTuber Black Tesla wants to see just how good Tesla’s self-driving technology is by testing the high performance, all singing, all dancing Model S Plaid. It turns out even Tesla’s self-driving technology has limits when driving through New York City. But, it is still mighty impressive.

New City Driving in a Tesla Model S Plaid - Daily Car Blog
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