Ferrari F40 Owner Talks About His Pride And Joy
After spending much of the early part of the week talking about the Germans we decided it was time to change tact, and what better way then to immerse our self’s in what is probably our favorite supercar of all time. The Ferrari F40. This late 1980s supercar has been super-seeded over the years and its fair to say the current crop of supercars and hypercars are far in away the most advanced ever made. But none can match the F40 for its savage purity. The Ferrari F40 was the very last car Enzo Ferrari personally oversaw before he died in 1988 and was designed to celebrate Ferrari’s 40th anniversary. Over 1300 examples were made from 1987 to 1992. When new the F40 cost £200,000, the mid-engined rear-wheel drive carbon fiber bodied supercar was short on creature comforts and focused on speed. At its heart is a 2.9L twin turbo V8 that develops just under 500bhp. This video follows an F40 owner and we can’t can’t help but be slightly envious.  Ferrari-F40-
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