The Supercars of London
We don’t understand why people are beginning to categorize Supercars belonging to one race, culture or creed as is the case with Shmee150 in this video upload on his popular YouTube channel. After all we don’t refer to Shmee150 as a fat git, he is from a certain point of view, but in actuality he is a smug gimboid. You never hear of American supercars in London, no its muscle cars. You see supercars whom ever they a bought by are still supercars at the end of the day. And here is the smug gimboid’s video of the ‘Arab Supercar Convoy’ as he probably calls. Allegedly. In fact Shmee150 has left his street stalking days of filming supercars behind him. Thanks to the success of his YouTube channel he can actually now afford to hire people to do the filming for him. Shmee150 you are a smug git.  Supercars-of-London-2015
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