Suzuki Swift Convertible Is A Plucky Good Idea
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We like the plucky little guys of the automotive industry and you don’t get any little-er and plucky-ier than Suzuki but would I or we here at DCB Towers ever buy a Suzuki convertible? No not ever, not if we were offered one, hell we’d rather give money to charity and I can’t tell you how much I /we loath charitable trusts that are run by the elite of society asking the 99 percent to effectively contribute to off-shore trusts and stock market investments while the management pay themselves less than charitable wages. We digress yet again, our concept bud X-Tomi seems to think a drop top Suzuki Swift is a good idea, the Swift is a great little car we love it and there is nothing at all wrong with the brakes. Nothing. At. All. Take that Suzuki Celerio. A convertible Suzuki Swift is an interesting concept, lets hope Suzuki don’t take any inspiration from X-Tomi’s well executed rendering and their finger out instead of blaming a safety feature on the Celerio as being the cause of braking issues. A brake failure is still a brake failure regardless of the technology… We digress yet again.  Suzuki-Swift-Spyder
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