Aston Martin DBX Challenges Conventions & Style
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Do you know what car I would buy if I had the money do so right now? No not the Nissan e-NV 200 I would shoot my self in the foot first before buying that. If the money was there just for me to buy any car I wanted then it would have to be an Aston Martin above all other considerations. Why? Well you see I am not after the most high revving supercar, I don’t want a hybrid supercar with low emissions because although the technology is effortlessly fascinating it doesn’t solve the the complex nature of pollution whether you call it global warming or whatever other label is attached. Aston-Martin-DBX-Profile That first car without any hesitation would be an Aston Martin Vantage, DBS, Vanquish, Rapide and not necessarily the One 77. Technically speaking these Astons may not be as up to date as say the Ferrari 488 GTB, Mercedes AMG GT or the McLaren 650S but it doesn’t matter because the Aston Martin range as a whole has more style and they are quite refined and certainly powerful supercars. So what the hell have Aston Martin done with this concept! They are calling it the DBX we are calling it the Vauxhall, it just looks Vauxhall-esq to us. Why do electric cars have look odd, why can’t they look like the Karma Fisker. Aston-Martin-DBX-Interior-Suicide   This is what we know, the DBX is Aston Martin’s future design direction for an all electric all-wheel-drive luxury four seat grand coupe GT and it could happen sooner than you think. Unveiling the concept, Aston Martin CEO Dr Andy Palmer said: “The DBX Concept is a challenge to the existing status quo in the high luxury GT segment. It envisages a world, perhaps a world not too far away, when luxury GT travel is not only stylish and luxurious but also more practical, more family-friendly and more environmentally responsible.” Aston-Martin-DBX-Interior-Door-Shot The DBX is also about the detail as designer Marek Reichman explained: “The exceptional craftsmanship, with detailing more typically seen on luxury consumer goods or fine jewellery, gives the DBX Concept genuinely global appeal.” Utilising very latest engineering techniques and theories, the DBX Concept has no engine compartment thanks to its use of electric, inboard-of-wheel, motors powered by lithium sulphur cells. Aston-Martin-DBX-Rear Drive-by-wire electric steering, toughened glass with an auto-dimming ‘smart glass’ inter-layer, and bespoke driver and passenger head-up displays are further examples of the latest technology on offer. The DBX concept also features Active LED exterior lights, carbon ceramic brakes with a kinetic energy recovery system (KERS) and rear view cameras in place of conventional mirrors. Aston-Martin-DBX-Front The problem for Aston is that they do not have the money to develop these complex all electric technologies and will have to rely on various partnerships to get access to the electric drive systems. One such partnership could be formed with Mercedes who are sure to develop an all eclectic something sooner or later. Mercedes currently own 5 percent of Aston Martin and are vying for full ownership in the coming years, Aston Martin was once under Ford ownership and were sold off in 2007 to what is a private equity group of investors and is effectively independent at the moment. Aston needs the comfort zone of a parent company as it once enjoyed with Ford and we always say Ford left Aston in good running order. The DBX Concept will probably never be made. But we could be wrong.  Aston-Martin-DBX-Eectric-Car
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