The New CLS Set To Retail From £57k But What About The CLS Pickup Truck?
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Mercedes have finally revealed the price for the new CLS 4-door coupe, the entry-level 350d 4Matic AMG Line will cost £57,510. That’s without options. Many are regaling the new CLS will be powered by straight-six petrol and diesel engines. The basic fact about a straight-six (inline) engine over a V6 is that the straight-six provides for smoother delivery of power. Other than that the E Class based CLS is damn expensive for what it is considering a straight-six engine is cheaper to manufacture over a V6. And with Mercedes growing their product line you could see the re-adoption of a straight-six powerplant as a cost-cutting measure Which is a good thing, why? Because Mercedes can now offer more model lines to people who don’t want to buy a new Mercedes model line. One such new model could be a Mercedes CLS Pick-up Truck. But it won’t happen as the one illustrated above is a concept imagined by online concept artist X-Tomi. If the thought of a Mercedes Pickup Truk of any nature sounds like a nightmare to you then let us warn you about the X-Class for it is a nasty Nissan based reality.  Mercedes-CLS-Pickup-Truck-Dailycarblog
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