Hill Billy Morgan To Build Three Wheel EV Sports Thing
Even Hillbilly Morgan Motors Is Going Electric With The XP-1 Prototype Sportscar
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Morgan Motors is planning its electric future with the XP-1’, the experimental prototype serving as a learning and data mule for the engineers and designers as they create the company’s first production electric models. Developed over the last 12 months by Morgan’s team of engineers based in Malvern, Worcestershire, XP-1 is based on Super 3’s aluminium platform.

XP-1’s battery, motor and inverter combination represents Morgan’s first powertrain, internal combustion or battery electric. The powertrain, engineered specifically for XP-1, gives Morgan’s engineers complete control of calibrations that vary the throttle and regeneration level at different speeds.

Hill Billy Morgan XP1 EV Prototype

Ensuring that future electric Morgan sports cars are lightweight – as they have been throughout the company’s 114-year history – is a key requirement. This weight requirement is fundamental in the decision for the company to create its own powertrain combination, working with key partners and utilising industry-leading components.

Hill Billy Morgan XP1 EV Prototype - Stance

XP-1 features front-end aerodynamic improvements for increased range and efficiency, these experimental modifications have resulted in a 33% reduction of drag coefficient.

The specific details regarding the powertrain and battery size have not been disclosed. Given Morgan’s reference to “industry-leading components,” it is probable that the company will procure these components from China.

Hill Billy Morgan To Build Three Wheel EV Sports Thing
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