Bizarre Moment Brother Has Argument With Dude
http://youtu.be/SKqzLXBH2hw This is the moment two individuals get caught up in a something about nothing argument in a parking lot in Phoenix Arizona, USofA . The dude owner of the white Pontiac Grand Prix has some issues with the brother or is it vice-versa. A face off ensues however and then the angered motorists gets into his Pontiac and reverses towards his tormentor, or is it the other way round, who manages to jump out of the way in time. Only he jumps onto the car and continues to hang onto the rear boot as the Pontiac owner drives out of the parking lot and away into the traffic. We can’t help but think this is all an elaborate and staged event, this is YouTube and things happen for a choreographed reason.  Dude-vs-Brother
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