Maserati Alfieri Wins Car Design of The Year Accolade
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We don’t take much notice of the awards season because these orchestrated events are usually predictable, someone somewhere will win an award. Many argue that the awards season is a chance for industry peers to judge the great and the good but what the awards season is really all about is sponsorship deals and publicity. So in essence awards have no real value other than to a marketing department. However we will contradict our self’s for perhaps the one and only time because the Maserati Alfieri recently won the car Design of the year award. Maserati have confirmed it will build the Alfieri and should be ready by 2016 or 2017. Thats a win win all round. We rate the Alfieri very highly indeed it has to be one of the car designs of the decade and whether it is a good or bad driving experience will not matter because style is never out of fashion. Maserati’s CEO, Harald Wester said in late December 2014 “It is the year of the Alfieri, an amazing concept car built to mark the Centennial, named after our founder. “It is the year in which customers and fans celebrate our glorious past, enjoy a present in which the product range is wider than ever, and look eagerly forward to the launch of the Maserati SUV, to be followed by the Alfieri, as the concept car goes into production,” he added. The award was handed out during a Car Design Night Geneva ahead of the Geneva Motorshow, were told its a prestigious event and the judges comprise of Gorden Wagener, VP design at Mercedes-Benz, Ian Callum, VP design at Jaguar, Laurens van den Acker, VP design for Renault, Steve Mattin, design director at Lada and Mark Adams, VP design for Opel. Ah so it is a backslapping awards night after all. You go Maserati Alfieri.  Maserati-Alfieri-Concept-Award
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