McLaren Boxes Clever With All New Coupe By Showing Nothing
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McLaren has revealed the name and a teaser image of a new third model (which we refuse to show hence the image of Mohammed Ali in his boxing prime). The all new McLaren 570S coupe is expected to become the company’s entry level car and a direct competitor for the Porsche 911.

The 570S (562bhp) Coupe is expected to feature a normally aspirated engine as opposed to the twin-turbo V8’s for the firms 650S models and above. Sources also say it could feature a hybrid powerplant.

The V8 powered, carbon fiber structured two-seater is optimised for aerodynamic efficiency which sometimes means it could actually end up looking rather dull. But we do know the 570S will follow McLaren’s current design language and trends.

The 570S Coupe advances McLaren’s three tier model strategy and the company is boasting it will be “a pure McLaren, offering class-leading levels of performance, coupled with optimised handling characteristics and driving dynamics”.

So why have we shown Muhammad Ali instead of the teaser image, because on this occasion we refuse to participate by showing a teaser image of the 570S. Its a kind of visual metaphor to what we would like to do with these teaser image releases. And its a tribute to Jeremy Muhammad Clarkson.

Further details of McLaren 570S Coupé will be announced next week ahead of the global reveal which will take place at the McLaren Automotive press conference in New York at 14.55 EST (19.55 GMT), Wednesday 1 April 2015, Stand 704, Level 3.

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