SEAT Reveals Future SUV Plans With 20V20 Concept
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We love SEAT and will not say a bad word about this plucky little car company because they do make interesting stuff. Now they may be the worrisome child of the VW empire but they do continue to try and if they tried to get the 20V20 concept SUV into production then the world would be a happy place. The 20V20 concept is a ‘strategic vision’ of SEATS future SUV plans which will officially debut in production ready form next year at the Geneva show. Strategic vision right? that’s the German common sense speaking for you or on behalf of SEAT a company without an SUV when every other mass production car company offers one or more. We just pray they don’t reveal a Nissan e-NV200 rival the world would be doomed if they did. The rise in demand for SUV’s should be blamed on the Americans, over there people like giant pick-up trucks which are mainly brought by bible belt folks and angry Republicans who hate immigrants. In Europe people prefer SUV’s of the compact nature which are mainly brought by angry republicans who hate immigrants. With the 20V20 concept SEAT is hoping to ride on the back of the mid range SUV demand. SEAT do mention that the 20V20 has LED headlights, big boot space, funky interior and state of the art gadgets backed up by a new tech agreement with Samsung, not Apple. Technically speaking the SEAT SUV, when it goes on sale next year, will be based on the VW Tiguan chassis. But if you can’t wait that long you could always buy a Tiguan. No go for the SEAT SUV, just be patient and wait for a year it looks a whole lot better. Even if you get desperate and can’t wait that long never ever consider the Nissan e-NV200.  SEAT-20V20
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