BMW Crash Compilation Creates Image Problem For Owners
Trawling through videos of crash compilations gave us nightmares here at DCB Towers, a crash is a crash no matter what the circumstances. Also do we really want to become like America’s Funniest Videos or You’ve Been Framed. No thanks. That being said, crash compilations are popular fodder these days and because we lack originality of any dimension we present to you specifically BMW crash compilations. It seems the haters are always going to hate on BMW owners, we can’t understand why these arrogant, self important, road hogging idiots are the least popular car owner the world over. In isolation a BMW is a seriously well executed piece of engineering, that can’t be said of the owners who are quite often seriously demented as the video clearly shows. As one YouTube comment exclaimed; “Nothing pleases me more to see all those BMWs get destroyed!”  We don’t agree with such sentimentality but this is the image problem BMW owners have. Peace out.  BMW-Crash-Compilation
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