Craig, Daniel Craig Licensed To Own A Lotus Evora 400
His on screen name is Bond, James Bond but Daniel Craig still needs to get around just like everyone else although not many people pick up their brand spanking new car from Lotus HQ. But if your onscreen name is Bond, James Bond it also makes for some really great publicity. Daniel Craig also managed to pose for some “obviously posed” shots of his brand and might I add spanking new Lotus 400 which is the most powerful production Lotus ever to leave the hallowed grounds of Hethel. Daniel-Craig-Lotus-Evora-400-Inspection The Evora 400 is lighter, more efficient and is still powered by the 3.5-litre, supercharged V6 engine which has been tuned to churn out 400bhp and 410 Nm of torque, 0-62mph takes 4.2 seconds and the top speed is a reputed 186 mph. The last time James Bond was seen in a Lotus was back in 1977 in the Spy Who Loved Me. It was, memorably, a Lotus Esprit S1 and in the movie it could transform into submarine. Its nick-name on the production set was “Wet Nellie”. Look closely at these images and you will notice that its not Craig, Daniel Craig but an almost perfect look-a-like actor. However Lotus did go to great lengths to fool in what was one of the best April Fool stunts of the the year. Well at least from a car perspective. Daniel-Craig-Lotus-Evora-400-Tom-Ford-Sunglasses Lotus made sure this Bond look-a-like had the Bond-esq dapper dress sense and notice the Omega Speedmaster wrist watch (£3k) and the Tom Ford Sunglasses (£200). Right I’m off to buy a Lotus Evora 400… Damn you publicity stunt, April Fools joke.  Daniel-Craig-Lotus-Evora-400
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