La Ferrari Rarity Value Increases As Another One Is Wrecked
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Shame on you Ferrari, shame on you. You led us to believe the only folks able to get their hands on a La Ferrari were valued customers. That may well be the case but could you not have at least made sure the owners were competent drivers? hmmm? You maybe wondering why we started this post in the style of an open letter, we can’t explain that just as we can’t explain the number of La Ferrari’s being written off. Two in the past year. These are the latest images of a crashed La Ferrari doing the rounds on the interweb, it met a grisly end at the hands of an overwhelmed owner. Of course you know the La Ferrari is a 950bhp, V12 hybrid hypercar costing £1m. La-Ferrari-Crash-Shanghai-Rear The crash occurred in downtown Shanghai, China, local media reports no other vehicles were involved. If this crash happened in Indonesia the owner would have been lined up against a wall and sent to prison, if it happened in America he would have been shot. Only 499 La Ferrari’s will ever be made, it looks as though this one will appear on eBay as a for parts listing.  La-Ferrari-Crash-Shanghai-Front
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