Liberty Walk Create Extreme Looking Mini Cooper
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Liberty Walk are known for thier after market car body accessories, remember the wide body Ferrari 458? If you do then feast your eyes on this number or more to the point the Mini Copper which is dressed in a typical Liberty Walk widebody kit.  Overall we like what Liberty Walk have done, but the ridiculously low ride height is unparalleled in its ridiculousness because in the UK we have speed bumps to contend with. But if you are serious about ordering a Liberty Walk Stance Mini Copper widebody kit then be prepared to part with $7,500 dollars of your hard earned money. That’s £5k in real English money. Liberty-Walk-Mini-Copper-Rear Liberty Walk’s body kit includes the front bumper, front diffuser, side skirts, rear bumper, rear diffuser, rear wing, trunk wing and the wide fenders. Custom suspension is standard. This is a pure body kit and no modifications have been made to the Coppers engine… eerrr…. which is sure to have four cylinders and so many horsepowers. If you think £5k for a body kit is pure madness then it isn’t for the custom car community who spend thousands trying to make their cars look faster or just plain fast. Mostly its all about the show and showing off usually at very slow speeds.  Liberty-Walk-Mini-Copper-Front
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