Mitsubishi Outlander Redesign Goes For More Grrrr…
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Mitsubishi have given the Outlander a makeover for 2015 and on the outside it looks a little more assertive as opposed to the understated styling previously seen. That’s what you can see however what you can’t see are the 100 changes Mitsubishi has made. Mitsubishi-Outlander-2015-Make-Over-Interior The front face has more grrrr… to it and it also includes new LED light clusters, the doors have been re-designed to include those lower kick-plates, the front wings, rear bumpers and LED light clusters also get a mid-life makeover. What you can’t see are the mechanical changes, the chassis is now more rigid and the suspension gets an upgrade. Mitsubishi have also worked to improve the Electric power steering and the Outlander gets a new CVT gearbox which is said to be more efficient. Mitsubishi-Outlander-2015-Make-Over-Rear The interior gets minor revisions from better sound deadening materials, a rear glass door and a noise isolating wind shield. The cabin benefits from the use of softer materials and the clunky to operate touchscreen UI system is improved. We hope to god its improved we really do. All in all the Outlander receives what is major “cosmetic” overhaul, the new look will roll out in the UK around June or early July.  Mitsubishi-Outlander-2015-Make-Over-Front
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