Alonso Drives Ayrton Senna’s Championship Winning Car
Unfortunately this short film is a promotional advert for Tag Heuer. If you are expecting Fernando Alonso to give a detailed low down on Ayrton Senna’s championship winning car that won all but one race in the 1988 F1 season then you will be disappointed. What it shows is Fernando Alonso driving the MP4/4 with Senna talking n the background, its evocative and inspirational as much as the 1988 season was acrimonious between the F1’s greatest driver partnership, Prost and Senna. Senna won 12 races to Prost’s 11, the MP4/4 was powered by a Honda 1.6-litre V6, 650bhp turbo engine. We would have loved to hear what Alonso thought of the MP4/4 but unfortunately the promotional needs of the sponsors and paying the corporate bills always comes first. However it is fitting that the best driver of the current era drives an F1 car that was driven by perhaps the best driver of any era.    Senna-vs-Fernando-Alonso
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