Mat Watson prepares for Strictly Come Dancing Debut as career nosedives
Mat Watson Prepares For Strictly Come Dancing As Carwow Career Nosedives

Mat Watson’s meteoric Carwow career is on the rocks as inflationary pressure and Jacob Rees Mogg prevent ordinary people the ability to afford energy bills in order to watch YouTube. Fearful of his popularity spiraling out of control my sources tell me Mat Watson screamed at his agent demanding he finds a spot on the popular but truly dreadful Strictly Come Dancing TV show.

Witnesses tell me Watson later apologized to his long-term agent and friend before screaming again at a production runner for not getting his coffee and bagel served at his favorite time of the morning. Exactly at 10:30:30.s AM. Watson then burst into tears and fled into a nearby broom cupboard because his coffee was not served at the correct temperature.

Anyway, if you have never heard of Strictly Come Dancing we suggest you never again watch terrestrial TV.

Strictly Come Dancing is a BBC TV show where desperate celebrities go to eke out the last stages of their downward spiral of a TV career by dancing like slaves for their masters. It is the final humiliating end. Desperate to revive his Carwow career, Watson was caught training in anticipation on that dreadful show during his review of the MG electric car.

Our sources tell us Watson has yet to be informed that his demand to appear on Strictly Come Dancing has been declined by show producers. Watson’s team and colleagues are too terrified to tell him fearing he will burst into tears and binge eat on tubs of Ben & Jerry’s.

Legal Disclaimer:

Mat Watson isn’t making demands or training in anticipation in the belief he will appear on the BBC TV show, Strictly Come Dancing.

Mat Watson never screamed at his agent. We have no idea if Mat Watson has an agent.

Mat Waston never screamed at a Carwow production runner over coffee and bagels.

Mat Watson never burst into tears and fled into a nearby broom cupboard.

Mat Watson isn’t a desperate celebrity.

Mat Watson’s career isn’t in decline.

Mat Watson didn’t train for the BBC TV Show Strictly Come Dancing.

Daily car Blog has no inside contacts at Carwow, our “sources” do not exist… we lied.

Fact Check: This is a fake news story.

Strictly Come Dancing is a truly dreadful TV show where celebrities go to die.

Mat Watson prepares for Strictly Come Dancing Debut as career nosedives
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