Bentley SUV Prepares For Final Shakedown Tests
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If you are not sold on a Bentley SUV because it doesn’t fit into the brand’s heritage then don’t worry its going to be a full on reality as this spy shot of a test mule demonstrates. We’re not sold on the name either, its going to be called the Bentley Bentayga, WTF! Can they not at least have a more pronounceable product name? Still Bentley is following the markets and where there is a demand for ultra-luxury SUVs Bentley will be waiting to take the orders and the money. The Bentayga will launch in 2016 and is expected to be officially revealed later this year. Many have speculated that the Bentayga would be made alongside the Audi Q7 in Bratislava, Slovakia thankfully someone in the VW chain of command has seen sense not to. No details have emerged but common knowledge speculates that the Bentayga will use the 4.0-litre, V8 twin turbo. A diesel engine is also being considered, if that is true then it will be the first Bentley to do so. A PHEV derivative will arrive in 2017. Bentley is owned by the VW empire, and the Bentayga may share the Audi Q7 platform. Its not known how much the Bentley SUV will retail for, be prepared for a price tag of between £150-200k GBP.  Bentley-SUV
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