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Yet Another Mercedes AMG Hits The Showrooms But This Time With Worlds “Most Powerful” Engine
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It’s impossible to keep count of the number of Mercedes AMG models on sale right now. You can even get AMG coffee mugs, I suppose the Mercedes marketing people will be happy but is the AMG performance brand unique or just far too ubiquitous? You have the E Class AMG, E this and the C Class 45 AMG or whatever. And Mercedes is not shy about boasting of the performance of the latest A Class AMG hatch and saloon.

“Outstanding performance, the ultimate driving dynamics, expressive design” but they say that with every other AMG whether it has bonkers mad power or barking mad power.

Mercedes AMG interior

Whats different here is that Mercedes has created what they claim is the world’s most powerful turbocharged four-cylinder engine currently manufactured for series production.

The completely newly developed 2.0-litre engine offers up 387 bhp, the S variant produces 421bhp. Impressive performance from such a small engine. It’s all to do with the roller bearing twin-scroll turbocharger.

Mercedes AMG A Class

But we’re not going into detail today. Let’s just say both the hatch and saloon A-Class and CLA are fast, up to 160mph fast. So how much is all of this?

Mercedes want to stretch out the publicity a little longer which means it’s Friyay and we, like them, just want to go home for the weekend.

Mercedes AMG
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