Kahn Design Seeks Vengeance With Widebody Concept
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This is the latest bespoke interpretation from the studios of Kahn Design the “WB12 Vengeance – a fully coachbuilt, 2 door coupe in hammer formed aluminium, to be manufactured in Coventry, the automotive heartland of the UK”. We’re not sure if Kahn Design is basing the model on an existing vehicle architecture like they did with the Flying Huntsman. From this profile concept image it looks a little like the Aston Martin DB9 to us. The DB9, as you know, is powered by a V12 monster hence the codename “WB12” being used by Kahn Design. Kahn Design do go onto say the Vengeance will have a widebody look not in the tradition of add-on wheel flares but a custom made widebody that blends naturally into the body. More will be revealed later on this week.  Kahn-Design-Vengence
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