Kahn Design Vengeance Wreaks Havoc
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The Aston Martin DB9, how do you perfect styling perfection? OK so it can no longer be considered the fastest supercar but it is still the most stylish supercar ever made. Because its British and the British still rule the world… with style. That’s what Kahn Design are attempting with their bespoke coach built Vengenace which they have now revealed in its full glory, it uses a DB9 chassis and follows the DB9 design language. Think of the Kahn Design Vengeance as an interpretation of the DB9. They actually refer to it as a wide-body derivative but wide bodies usually come in kit form, its more accurate to say the Vengeance is a re-imagining of the DB9. Kahn-Design-Vengeance-Rear This time Kahn Design have revealed actual images of the Vengeance instead of hand drawn sketches. Although its hard to tell if they are CGI renderings because modern day computer graphics are getting extremely photo-realistic. What we are given is a final definitive look of the Vengeance. Actual details are scare, we expect the DB9’s V12 powerplant and general running gear to be retained and unaltered. The interior may be given a complete overhaul, but we don’t know the price. A bespoke, hand built car isn’t going to be cheap expect the Vengeance to cost at least £300k. That’s if it is given a proposed limited production run.  Kahn-Design-Vengeance-Front
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