Porsche Plays it Safe With Black Edition 911
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You need not require a reason to buy a Porsche 911, but marketing and sales departments will try to seduce you with yet another reason why you should. Its safe to say they are briliant cars, what ever color you go for. But if you call it ‘Black Edition’ then its sure to be the best ever 911 right? Wrong. So here it is the Porsche 911 Black Edition which is available for the Carrera and Cabriolet derivative and also the 4-wheel drive variants. These models get a special edition black paint finish, which is the blackest black ever, and special edition 20-inch alloy wheels. Everything else is more or less what you can get on the standard 911, the 345bhp 3.4-litre flat-six is unchanged but you do get minor equipment upgrades. The upgrades include LED headlights including the Porsche Dynamic Light System Plus (PDLS+). And guess what? you get an all black leather interior. If you’re arse gets cold during the winter then heated seats – with the Porsche crest embossed on the head restraints – should provide plenty of comfort. And if your’re passenger is a complete and utter bore then the standard Bose® Surround Sound System should provide an excellent defense to such company. The Porsche Boxster also gets the ‘Black Edition’ treatment we think the 911 is the King of the Porsche family and this is the model you should go for whatever the marketing department decides to call it. The 911 Black Edition is on sale now, price details are below.
911 Carrera Black Edition – £75,074.00
911 Carrera Black Edition Cabriolet – £81,852.00
911 Carrera 4 Black Edition – £79,309.00
911 Carrera 4 Black Edition Cabriolet – £86,125.00
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