New E Class Interior To Offer Contemporary Luxury For The Digital Age
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The all new Mercedes E Class will be revealed in January 2016, at a international Motorshow event or bespoke launch. To keep up the publicity and to keep the E Class in the centre of the automotive news-cycle Mercedes have officially revealed the interior, and it looks a lot more S Class than the dour looking, 80’s inspired plastic haven that is the current E Class. We reckon the new E Class is more inspired by the 1990’s W211, the exterior and interior. Indeed the new E Class interior has a similar sweeping design accents such as the centre console as the W211 did. Mercedes-E-Class-Interior-2016-Dashboard-Closeup However it seems the new new E Class has gone for a more luxurious feel that could give the new S Class a run for its money. New technology abounds, if you are in the market for a new mid-sized luxury saloon, then Mercedes might just be able to fullfill and tick all the boxes on the dealership online car configuration tool. Mercedes-E-Class-Interior-2016-Design The new 2016 E Class will be digital that is to say analogue instruments have been replaced by an 8.4-inch central digital display that shows analogue dial graphics as standard. To the side is a 7-inch touch screen display houses many of the primary functions, two styles of center consoles will be fitted if you go for automatic or manual versions. Mercedes-E-Class-Interior-2016-Seats The multi-function steering wheel will also feature intergrated touch control buttons so you have swipe and touch usability built into the steering wheel allowing the driver to access controls while driving without having to reach over to the screen. Like most premium luxury cars native interior lighting will allow you to control the mood of the lighting experience. Mercedes-E-Class-Interior-2016--Touch-Control   Other optional lighting is pertained to the MULTIBEAM LED headlamp system and LED taillights with a “stardust” effect. You won’t be able to see this from within the drivers seat so it probably appeals to the show-off fraternity. The typical age group of a Mercedes E Class is around 55 years old, Mercedes want to lower that age group by appealing to a younger market and hopes the inclusion of technology infused with luxury appeals to a new generation of buyers.  Mercedes-E-Class-Interior-2016
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