Alfa Romeo Giulia Spider Visualised by X-Tomi
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We don’t think Alfa Romeo will ever launch a convertible version of the Giulia, because they are a bit cash strapped. That is to say the $5.5 billions Fiat is spending on all of its brands is actually a  complex loan that will have to be paid back one day. So if you spread those billions across multiple products then you begin to realise a few problems, ‘the butter won’t spread on both sides of the toast’. But Photoshop manipulator and futurist visionary, X-Tomi, doesn’t agree because he has visualized what the Giulia could look like if it ever carried the Spider badge, that is to say here is the Giulia in convertible form. Alfa has a lot riding on the Giulia, and if doesn’t kick start the company’s fortunes then it could be a kind of automotive ground hog day. We don’t think a Giulia Spider will ever be made its just too risky for Alfa to do right now. A similar scenario has already been played out with the 157, the Giulia may well end up repeating the same story, but with a different look and name. We’ll know for sure in around 10 years time when Alfa release Giulia mkII which will be seen as the key to unlocking Alfa’s potential… in the key American market… again.  Alfa-Romeo-Q
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