Connected Car Technology Is Barely Used Says Survey
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According to an online survey which asked car owners what they thought of the latest in-car infotainment technology most respondents didn’t use or were not even aware of the latest technology features. The survey was conducted by the information and measurement company, Neilsen. The online questionnaire was completed by nearly 14,000 participants in the USA. The results found that 43 percent of people thought car manufacturers are cramming far too much infotainment technology into their latest cars. Infotainment systems scored low in owner satisfaction, voice recognition was the worst offender. Other features end users were not to enthused about were mobile phone integration, customisable instrument panels and built in apps. Car makers believe offering the latest in-car tech features will attract new buyers in addition to that these infotainment systems boost revenue by virtue of being included as pricey options. The survey doesn’t detail the average age of the participants, it may well be that the next generation of car owners will be more accepting of the ‘connected car’ era. The survey did go onto to detail the typical infotainment features most new car owners currently ignore or are not aware of; CD Players, in-car hard drives, voice recognition and for the premium end of the sector, concierge services.  Connected-Car
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