German Businessman Orders Several Bespoke Aston Martins
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To you and I it looks like an Aston Martin Vanquish and by all known quantifiable means it is an Aston Martin Vanquish. But this is no ordinary Vanquish. Its made by Aston’s special operations Q department. Luxury performance cars like Aston Martin no longer use ‘special edition‘ to charge you extra for what is shiny new paint a bit of fancier looking side skirts and alloy wheels. These days car manufactures are using bespoke naming conventions to charge you more for that shiny new paint color and upgraded interior trim. Jaguar also adopt this brand image with their Special Vehicle Operations department, which is a shed in a back garden in secret location in Coventry, or “Cuv-n-try” as the yokels pronounce it. German Businessman, Markus Storck, is a die hard Aston Martin enthusiast and ordered several, yes several, bespoke Vanquish Coupes. Storck is founder of the hitech bike manufactuer that bears his name, Storck Bikes, and wasted little time in commissioning Q by Aston Martin to bespoke the hell out of his Vanquish collection. Lucky barsterd. Dr Matthew Bennett, Aston Martin General Manager of VIP sales  said “The process of creating these sports cars has been typical of what Q by Aston Martin can deliver. “From a blank canvas we have made the client’s vision for the cars a reality and, today, we saw the first of these special new Vanquish models handed over.” Aside from the multilayered carbon fibre body, with its elements of exposed carbon and satin Jet Black paint finish, the bespoke Vanquish sports cars also include an array of luxurious and custom made additions such as diamond quilting on the seats, machined carbon Aston Martin wings badges, ‘One of Q BY ASTON MARTIN CREATES A UNIQUE VANQUISH COLLECTION Seven’ logos perforated into the head restraints and a variety of gloss black styling additions. Markus Storck said: “I’m absolutely thrilled to see my vision for a series of bespoke Aston Martin Vanquish come to life like this. The attention to detail, service and dedication I have seen from the Q team has been exceptional – and the result is outstanding.” We say what a lucky barsterd. Its the first German we know of who has real taste.  Aston-Martin-Vanquish-By-Q
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