DS Aero Lounge Concept
Why The New DS Flagship SUV Will Never Rival The Audi Q5
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DS Automobiles, owned by sterile corporate monolith Stellantis, averages around 50,000 vehicle sales annually throughout Europe. The DS brand was created in 2009, a stand-alone premium entity that is a Citroen in any other name. Citroen, for the uninformed, is also owned by sterile corporate monolith Stellantis. Therefore, by proxy, both Citroen and DS are sterile by proxy. A few days ago DS announced its intention to launch a new flagship SUV based on the Aero Sport Lounge Concept.

Speaking to the media, DS boss Béatrice Foucher revealed the electric variant of the new flagship SUV will offer a range of 430 miles by virtue of using a larger battery and more advanced cell technology. EV battery technology is not yet advanced enough to meet the range Foucher is describing. Stellantis’ battery EV technology is less advanced than Foucher’s bold future claims.

To upscale battery technology by an order of magnitude x5 within two years is technically impossible, or requires investment so large that it would outstrip the entire worth of DS Automobiles. Journalists should stop writing “shit” down on their notepads and start questioning more.

Speaking to Autocar, Foucher also said that the DS brand has the benefit of  “not being so well known”.

Béatrice Foucher DS Automobiles CEO

Beatrice Foucher, the CEO of DS Automobiles has just kicked the brand she is in charge of firmly in the teeth. DS Automobiles is a 13-year-old company, how much more time does this brand require to be better known? They have had 13 years and free publicity either through reporting or press reviews.

By using basic stats and figures we can deduce that the future flagship DS SUV will never outsell the Audi Q5. The Q5 sells more in volume every year than all DS  sales combined. And for that reason alone, the 2024 DS SUV will be lucky to do well at all.

DS Aero Lounge Concept
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