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Citroen Reveals The Oli Pandemic Edition
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Continually fearful that the pandemic will one day end, their words not ours, Citroen has revealed the Oli Pandemic Edition. The vehicle is so designed as to give Citroen executives much-needed comfort in a world ravaged and riddled with the Covid-19 plague. The Oli Pandemic Edition will ease the mental health affecting Citroen right now and restore a sense of unending calmness. The Citroen Oli  Pandemic Edition will never see the light of day, it is an EV concept study.

The Oli Pandemic Edition is made from recycled plastic waste. If Citroen really wanted to recycle plastic waste they could harvest plenty from the Great Garbage Patch currently floating in the North Pacific Ocean. The Great Garbage Patch is so big it can be seen from space.

Citroen Pandemic Edition - Interior

The Oli Pandemic Edition weighs 1,000kg as a result of using recycled plastic throughout. Most production electric vehicles weigh near or beyond 2,000kg. As you may know, an electric vehicle’s battery pack is a significant contributor to its overall weight. A lighter EV simply means increased range whatever the size of the battery pack.

Citroen Pandemic Edition - Rear

Citroen estimates that the Oli Pandemic Edition can achieve a 249-mile range with a 40kWh battery pack. As for the interior, Citroen’s designers went blood red quirky, a result of late nights and a good supply of methamphetamines.

While the Citroen Oli Pandemic Editon is strictly a concept study some design elements will make it into future production vehicles when the pandemic is over. Citroen doesn’t know when the Pandemic will end, but it could be a few years from now.

Citroen Pandemic Edition -
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