James May’s Life Seems Less Ordinary Post Top Gear
So this is how it ended for James May after a glittering Top Gear career, well we still don’t know if he is going to return to the show that made him a world wide TV star after Clarkson-fracas-gate. But this is what May is doing to fill the void of Top Gear, he is reviewing the Ferrari 488 at an international press launch in Maranello, Italy. For the Sunday Times. Now say what you will about The Times, but its owned by the Rupert Murdoch empire and that means phone hacking and editors who willing turn a blind eye to what ever they want to turn a blind eye to. In other words the BBC they are not. If this was Top Gear the review would have been more lavishly shot and full of drama with possibly a 1,000 mile race between Hammond, blindfolded on donkey. But in the end May’s review of the 488 comes across like any other journalist on a press launch, and he is even looking forward to lunch. That’s right new car launches for motoring journalists are not necessarily about reviewing cars its about looking forward to lunch. Sorry James but your review, it all comes across as a bit ‘Honest John’. Still May could have ended up working for us at DCB Towers, that really would be scrapping the bottom of the barrel.  James-May-Ferrari-488-Review
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