Adrian Newey Designing Extreme Road Car For Aston Martin
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They are two names that conjure up the best of British, one is Aston Martin the other is Adrian Newey and together they could well form the strongest team since Kane & X-Pac. According to the so called ‘worlds oldest motoring magazine’ Autocar has speculated that Aston Martin and Adrian Newey could end up working together on an extreme road car project. So who is Adrian Newey you may well ask if you are not to familiar with the motor racing’s ‘backroom staff’. Its fair to say Newey is an engineering genius who has created multiple championship wining F1 cars for Williams, McLaren and of course Red Bull. Autocar reckons Newey is already working on the preliminary stages of a brand new hypercar that will rival McLaren’s P1 GTR road car and Ferrari’s FXX K. Apparently this very British partnership depends on whether Red Bull F1 secures a Mercedes engine partnership for next season. Red Bull F1 currently use Renault engines but the once formidable partnership is becoming fragmented as Red Bull becomes increasingly frustrated over Renault’s inability to produce an engine that is both reliable and powerful enough to match Mercedes. Newey has taken a step back from his intense role at Red Bull and has openly declared he will look into ventures outside of motor racing. However Newey is still a Red Bull employee and should the F1 team ink a deal to use Mercedes engines then Newey could well be officially endorsed by both his team and Aston Martin. There has also been speculation that Aston Martin could use its brand power in a tie up with either Red Bull F1 or its sister marque Torro Rosso. Aston Martin is currently owned by a group of private investors with Mercedes owning a 5 percent stake in return for an engine and electronic component supply deal for future Aston Martin road cars.   Autocar cites that the Aston Martin and Adrian Newey alliance is in fact at an advanced stage. What ever the speculation one thing is clear Adrian Newey has a habit of turning the ordinary idea into the extra-ordinary. If the rumors are correct not only should he leave a personnel legacy but he will leave Aston Martin with more then they could ever offer Newey, money or otherwise.  Adrian-Newey-Aston-martin-Supercar
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