One Reason Why Americans Like Nascar
If Americans aren’t shooting their fellow citizens in colleges, churches or offices then they are either busy invading countries with tin-pot dictators sitting on a field of ‘black gold’ or celebrating the 4th of July whilst eating whole deep fried chicken and downing a bottle of Bud. Usually at the same time. The one reason why Americans hate Formula One and love Nascar is because the latter has spectacular crashes more regularly. F1 is like a game of Chess whereas Nascar is that bottle of Bud, it is that whole deep fried chicken with dipping sauce. And over the 4th of July weekend Nascar had one of its most spectacular crashes, the participating driver was Austin Dillon and his car was flipped into a mid-air barrel roll as the second placed runner was tapped from behind which flipped the car into a spin and then pirouetted in Dillon. The resulting crash is huge, as the guard fence collects the car the force of the impact rips the engine clean out of the bay. Dillon walked away with minor bruising to one arm although 5 spectators were injured by flying debris, but non suffered serious injuries.  NASCAR-Crash-Austin-Dillon-2015
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