Renault Reveals New D List Saloon Star
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Renault don’t offer a saloon for UK buyers and there’s a good reason, because its the sort of brand that very few people want to be associated with when it comes to saloon owning aspirations. But the actual reason is that Renault don’t tend to do saloons very well. But here is the new Reanult Talisman which is a replacement for the Laguna. The Talisman will debut at the 2015 Frankfurt Motorshow, its for Europe only and fortunately it won’t be available in the UK or Ireland. Because as we said Renault saloons don’t sell well in Blighty or Ireland. Renault-Talisman-Interior Renault tapped the advice of Mercedes when they were developing the Talisman mostly for the interior ambiance. The Talisman is a move upmarket for the downtrodden brand which exists on selling small hatches and SUV’s. The Talisman will be available with a choice of two petrol and three diesel engines ranging from a 1.4-litre and 1.6-litre diesel and a 2.0-litre petrol in two power variants. Petrol engines will feature 7-speed dual clutch transmission while diesels will get 6-speed and 4-wheel steering will be offered along with active dampers which will be controlled by three mode settings operated by the driver. Renault-Talisman-Rear Renault say the reason why they won’t bring the Talisman to the UK market is because new car buying trend in the UK is for SUV and crossovers. The demand specifically for Renault saloons in Europe is still quite stable. Renault still offer the Laguna for sale within Europe but in the UK it was discontinued in 2013. Yet again the British are thumbing their noses at the EU, but it may well be Renault have finally cracked the ‘saloon code’ and they may well have inadvertently delivered something desirable… for once. We here at DCB towers just hope the turbo’s don’t go pop, they always do on Renaults.  Renault-Talisman-Front
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