Watch The Latest James Bond Spectre Trailer
The Fast & The Furious? No way, too American for us we prefer the American funded British made James Bond movies and here it is the latest Spectre trailer for what is Bond 24. No doubt there will be many more to follow in the lead up to the latest installment in the James Bond movie franchise which is set to premier in London on October 26. Naturally we want to see the specially made for the movie Aston Martin, but actually its really about the fashion. There is just one question that keeps bugging us, where does Bond get the money from to buy all those Brioni and Tom Ford suits, at a minimum you need at least a £2k spend. Government cutbacks? What cutbacks Bond takes a no-nonsense approach when it comes to dressing up as the worlds seemingly most indestructible British spy.  James-Bond-Spectre
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