Can’t Afford An Aston Martin? Then What About A Ford Marstang Shelby GT350R
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The Ford Marstang can now be configured by interested US punters, if you can spare a few minutes during the afternoon launch break. The online configuration tool also means the Marstang Shelby GT350R finally reveals its price. The Shelby GT350R uses a 5.2-liter, naturally aspirated V8 which produces over 526bhp. But its the suspension components that will make the GT350R standout in so far as Ford have revised the spring rates, anti rollbars, bushings, bump stops and lowered the ride height. The Marstang Shelby GT350R is essentially a stripped out street racer, carbon fibre wheels are standard, there is no air-con, stereo or rear seats. Even the exhaust resonators have been removed to save around 130kg in weight. That said the Shelby GT350R still weighs over 1,600kg, by any definition that isn’t light considering a modern day supercar has a target weight of around 1,300kg. To call the Masrtang Shelby a stripped out racer is like calling Kim Jong-Un a naturally gifted ballet dancer. The Marstang Configurator lists the Shelby GT350R at $64k, the more sedate Marstang GT350 offers up 500bhp but prospective owners will have to cough up near $50k, that’s dollars yah’all. No Sales & Marketing department worth their weight gold would offer up such a car without fleecing you out of more dollars and Ford don’t disappoint because for $7500 dollars extra you can opt for the Technology Package or the similarly priced Track Package. If you want those racing stripes, it will cost you $475 dollars extra. You could save yourself a lot of time and trouble and go for the standard V6 version which starts out at around $26k. However if you do you will join a brigade of owners who are prepared to front the horrifically named, anti-muscle car ‘eco-boost’ moniker. To configure your fantasy spec Ford Marstang Shelby GT350R and be shocked at how much one will cost then head on over to company’s website.  Ford-Marstang-Shelby-GT350R
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