Ferrari Creating Final Hell On Earth F12
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Remember the Ferrari F12? Despite using a good old fashion naturally aspirated 6.2-litre V12 engine that is good for 729 bhp and 690 Nm of torque, it seems the F12 is being somewhat overshadowed by the La Ferrari and 488 GTB. Maybe things are about to change as Ferrari put the finishing touches to most bonkers mad F12 they can make. Luckily for us an eagle eyed observer captured the secrecy of this F12 virtually undisguised and it looks as though its borrowed the rear fender air vents styling cues from the 288 GTO. For us the 288 GTO is the new ‘holy grail’ of modern Ferrari’s because arguably it was the stepping stone to the supercar era. Anyway Ferrari’s preferred longtime and loyal clients have already been given a special preview ahead of the F12’s launch at this years Frankfurt Motorshow. What ever monster Ferrari have developed it seems this hell on earth creation is the last iteration of the F12 as you will know it. Word on the street is that the F12 will use hybrid power rated to explode 800bhp. And you know what as much as we like and are amazed by hybrid supercars we can’t help but think Ferrari should just tweak the hell out the F12 and push the analogue technology as far as they can. We just want one last glorious mid-front mounted rear-wheel drive, Ferrari V12. A swansong to the age of naturally aspirated engines before turbos and hybrid systems become as common as it is for Ferrari’s to command such high asking prices.  Ferrari-F12
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