Geekdrive Review of The P4 Elio
His name is Jason Fenske, a Engineering Graduate from North Carolina State University. He is a geek and has one mission in life, to help everyone understand engineering. He just so happens to run a YouTube channel which has generated over 28 million views and has 332k subscribers and counting. Mr Fenske is popular enough to be welcomed into YouTube’s open money-spinning arms. That is to say he generates advertising revenue for YouTube through his videos. This makes Fenske an all important YouTube Channel partner and allows him to take a relatively tiny proportion of the overall ad revenues. Taking time off from his Engineering Explained series of videos, Fenske dwells into the world of car reviews and in this video he gets behind the P4 Elio. The P4 Elio is a $6k a 3-wheeled autocycle with a 0.9L 3 cylinder engine producing 55 horsepower and 55 lb-ft of torque. The car weighs just over 1,200 lb and has a claimed range of 84mpg. Take it away Fenskey-boy…  Engineering-Explained-Geekdrive
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