Bentley Continental GT3-R, The Thug In A Suit
Video We get many emails, mainly from the UK Grammar Society, asking us to improve our writing sensibilities. The thing is we just can’t stand apostrophes or commas because it sends us into a coma. We also like bad spelling. So you would think its better to be just a video blog publication right? Wrong. We prefer other people to do the hard work for us, yes they generate extra revenue by becoming a YouTube Channel partner but we hate Google. And so we remain sifting through rubbish bins in order to earn that extra revenue on the side by re-cycling and selling on other peoples junk. That’s why we like Motor Trend, a US based automotive, Google Channel Partner, car creating content empire. They do the hard work and reap the benefits. They have 3m subs on their YouTube channel alone and that means they are important to advertisers and that means they get to try out the best toys on the market and it doesn’t get any better than Bentley’s thug in a suit, the 574bhp Continental GT3-R.  Bentley-CT-3-R
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