Hairpin Bend Upstages & Embarrasses Rally Participants
https://youtu.be/AaUfSI0fSE0 This is exclusive footage of an amateur rally event held in Italy. Because the event is so exclusive we don’t know where in Italy this rally event took place. We do have exclusive information telling us that it was actually held in a picturesque part of Italy… In an exclusive mountainous region. Therefore we can exclusively deduce that the event was held in the northern part of Italy. Exclusively. What the video shows is a sharp hairpin bend participants have to negotiate during this exclusive stage. More often than not many of the drivers have trouble navigating the bend at speed having suffered an apparent handbrake-turn failure. If you are going to do a job make sure you do it well. Now we need to use that same motto here at DCB Towers.  Rally-Itally-Hairpin-Bend-Troubles
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