Honda Project 2&4 Is A Motorbike-Car
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This is how Honda does inspiration or rather this is an example of how Honda uses its global manpower to create new car concepts. Project 2&4 was designed and developed by over 80 of Honda’s designers from across the company’s motorcycle and automobile design studios. Honda wanted to challenge its designers to share and collaborate ideas and information, Project 2&4 was the intriguing result. Honda-Project-2&4-Front Project 2&4, seriously that’s what its called, combines elements of motorbikes and sports cars to create a more ‘intense’ driving experience. Its designed to provide the freedom of a motorcycle and the manoeuvrability of a car. The mid-mounted engine is derived from Honda’s MotoGP superbike and is specially tuned for the public road. The 99 cc V-4 four-stroke unit has a peak power output is over 215 PS at 13,000 rpm.  Peak torque of over 118 Nm is delivered at 10,500 rpm. The transmission is provided by a six-speed DCT gearbox. Honda-Project-2&4-Rear Project 2&4 weighs only 406kg, Honda say the low center of gravity, mid-mounted engine will provide a car with exceptional handling abilities. The design was inspired by Honda’s RA272, a V12 powered Formula One racing car developed and used in the 1965 season. Honda will debut Project 2&4 at the 2015 Frankfurt motorshow. But will it ever be made? No, the aim of Project 2&4 was to simply to encourage Honda’s internal design studios to communicate better. That’s why human resource departments exist.  Honda-Project-2&4-Profile
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