Veni, Vidi, Vici For Manual Transmissions Say Ferrari
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Ferrari are done with manual transmissions, I mean like seriously done. Like manual gearboxes are so yesterday, they are a disaster a total disaster for the future of Ferrari’s product roadmap. So are big powerful engines. At the Frankfurt Motorshow last week Ferrari told outlined thier future strategic direction. Smaller capacity engines and no more manual transmission’s. Ferrari are reacting to ever more stringent emissions regulations, unlike Volkswagen Ferrari have a real desire to comply with those regulations. The rumor is a new ‘more affordable Ferrari’ will sit under the 488 brand. Ferrari hinted at the possible introduction of a V6-powered car, possibly called the Dino, with a smaller displacement engine most likely to be turbo-charged. The paradox of turbo-charging any engine is that you get significant power increases and reduced emissions. That sounds good to us. Ferrari’s desire to shift away from the manual gearbox era is partly down to the speed of their latest dual shit transmissions and customer demand preferring the latter. The last Ferrari sold with a manual gearbox was the California, only three of them were ordered.  Ferrari-488-Frankfurt-2015
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