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Ferrari BR20 is A Bespoke GTC4Lusso, But Not As You know It
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This is the all-new Ferrari BR20. Actually, it isn’t new, it is indeed a bespoke commission ordered by a wealthy client who wanted to individualize a bog-standard GTC4Lusso. Not that a GTC4Lusso is in any way bog or standard. Available in two variants, the so-called entry-level V8 Powered GTC4Lusso costs £200K. The 681bhp V12 GTC4Lusso will set you back a further £240K. But the owner of this one-of-kind creation wanted something more than the factory spec model.

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Ferrari says that the BR20 “is a two-seater V12 coupé developed on the GTC4Lusso platform, which in terms of its philosophy and styling approach, cleverly references the magnificent Ferrari coupés of the 1950s and 60s, without the slightest hint of nostalgia”.

Ferrari BR20 - Interior - Dailycarblog

The GTC4Lusso’s two rear seats have been removed to achieve BR20’s ultra-sleek fastback design language. The new car is three inches longer than the original, thanks to a specific rear overhang treatment.

Ferrari BR20 - Rear - dailycarblog

The Ferrari BR20 was commissioned by a longstanding client who was deeply involved in every step of its creation, the BR20 represents a true interpretation of the traditional coachbuilder’s art.

The GTC4Lusso has been phased out of production in accordance with Ferrari’s 5-year model lifecycle. It will be replaced by the Purosangue, Ferrari’s first SUV.

 Ferrari BR20 - dailycarblog
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