Pickup Design TRX Extreme - Master Stance
Pickup Design TRX Extreme Appeals To The Gentrified Age of Customisation
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Pickup Design has unveiled its latest bonkers reimagining of the Dodge RAM TRX, a pickup truck marketed as the most powerful on the market. This Polish-based modifier and customizer, operating as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Carlex Design, has undertaken a substantial transformation of the Dodge TRX, a high performance vehicle boasting a formidable 702 horsepower. The enhancements give the TRX a new visual identity, the stock 702hp 6.2-liter supercharged Hellcat V8 is unaltered.

Pickup Design TRX Extreme - Side Stance

Pickup Design is typically aftermarket in its approach to the exterior design language. The bold steroidal look incorporates a new front fascia, bumper, and wheel arches. To further elevate the pickup’s functionality and aesthetics, Pickup Design designed bespoke side steps and rock sliders.

Pickup Design TRX Extreme - Interior

TRX Extreme interior has received a complete retrimming, bathed in yellow and black colour accents, Pickup Design has vanquished utilitarianism for luxury and refinement.

Pickup Design TRX Extreme - Rear Stance

The roof-mounted light bar harks back to a time during the Deep South Red Neck era when Pickup trucks became linked to hate crimes. However, this modification will be out of reach for the average bigoted hate-filled Southerner because this Pickup is made for the more civilised gentrified population.

The 18-inch wheels are accented by vibrant yellow brake callipers and black graphics integrated across the body to give this pickup individuality. But this re-brand doesn’t come cheap, The Pickup Design TRX has an asking price of $182,000.

Pickup Design TRX Extreme - Master Stance
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