Land Rover Evoque Convertible To Be Unveiled At LA Auto Show
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The Range Rover Evoque has been a very successful model for Land Rover, shifting 134k units per year indeed its Land Rover’s top seller globally. With this success in mind Land Rover has decided its about time to make an Evoque convertible. The current look of the Evoque convertible is shrouded in vinyl wrap but its quite easy to surmise what such a vehicle will look like. Indeed an Evoque convertible has been in the works for some time. Remember the Evoque convertible concept? Well this is how the Evoque will look. The Evoque convertible concept was previewed back in 2012 and it seems the concept has become a full blown production reality. Range-Rover-Evoque-Convertible-Rear The Evoque convertible proper will be officially unveiled at the Los Angeles auto show next month and will feature a folding softop roof. Its debatable whether there is a market for the Evoque convertible, for sure Land Rover will have undertaken a viability study however Land Rover has a history of open-top SUV’s particularly with the Defender. So the Evoque convertible will follow in the footsteps of past and present open-top Defender’s but don’t expect a minimalist driving experience. Land Rover head of design Gerry McGovern said the Evoque convertible will be aimed at people who already have a “refined and luxurious lifestyle,”. Land Rover say the Evoque convertible will be the first open-air luxury compact SUV which perhaps confirms there is a limited appeal for convertible SUV’s. Or does it? Only time and competitive pricing structure will tell.  Range-Rover-Evoque-Convertible
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